Hermann Graf & Alfred Grislawski

The following articles are related to the book "Graf & Grislawski", and the history of the German Fighter Arm in World War II, as seen through the eyes of the two fighter aces Hermann Graf and Alfred Grislawski

Introduction on Hermann Graf & Alfred Grislawski

Graf & Grislawski Versus Enemy Aces

Graf & Grislawski Versus Enemy Aces, Part 2

Alfred Grislawski and JG 52 Airmen Over Kuban

Sample from Hermann Graf's Victory List

Grislawski and "Bubi" Hartmann

JG 50: "Geschwader Graf"

Graf & soccer legend Fritz Walter

Chapter 17: "Do You Know Graf?" - Excerpt from the Book

The Truth of Hermann Graf's Activities in Soviet Captivity

One of the Graf aircraft color profiles by Claes Sundin, from the book

One of the Grislawski aircraft color profiles by Claes Sundin, from the book

Lutz-Wilhelm Burckhardt - the Fighter Ace who Never Ran Out of Luck

Graf & Grislawski: Airfields of Last Combat Missions

"Hub Zemke's Lucky Shot"

List of Sources Used for the Graf & Grislawski Book

Errata for the Graf & Grislawski Book

Graf's & Grislawski's Bf 109 rudders on their way back together again

Graf's & Grislawski's Bf 109 original rudders on display New 28 June2004

Art & Models of Graf's & Grislawski's aircraft

More by Christer Bergström -

the detailed history of the air war on the Eastern Front 1941 - 1945:

Black Cross/Red Star: Air War Over the Eastern Front

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