To the Memory of Hermann Graf and Alfred Grislawski

This 312-page piece of microhistory captures the rise and fall of the Luftwaffe Fighter Arm through the eyes of two fighter pilots of humble origin

This is the biography on the two fighter pilots Hermann Graf and Alfred Grislawski of JG 51, JG 52, JG 50, JG 1, JG 11, and JG 53.

The book was written in co-operation with Alfred Grislawski.

Large U.S. format (22.5 cm x 29 cm; or 8 7/8 inches x 11 3/8 inches)

312 pages, high-quality printing on glossy paper,

Over 300 photos, most of which have never been published before

26 color profiles of aircraft flown by Graf & Grislawski by Claes Sundin.

Alfred Grislawski 2.11. 1919 - 19.9. 2003 In Memoriam


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Art & Models of Graf's & Grislawski's aircraft

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The Graf & Grislawski Messerschmitt 109 Original Rudders are on display at Technikmuseum Speyer! Click here for photos and information of this great event!

We owe deep gratitude to JG 52 Traditionsgemeinschaft for an unwavering support to make this book become a reality.

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