The purpose of this material is to provide a valuable contribution to the understanding of one of the lesser known aspects of aviation history: The air war over the Eastern Front between 1941 and 1945.

The Soviet Air Force Improving in the Skies Over Stalingrad *

Soviet Curtiss P-40 Warhawk Pilots Over Stalingrad *

Willi Batz and Air-to-Air Rammings on the Eastern Front

Guide to Locate any Luftwaffe Planquadrat on the Eastern Front

Fighter Combat in the East and the West - A Comparison

Black Cross/Red Star Aviation Art

Aircraft Color Profiles from BC/RS Vol. 2

Top Bomber Ace Hansgeorg Bätcher

Front Cover Painting of BC/RS Vol. 1

German and Soviet Bombers in 1942

Zerstörer Versus Soviet Airborne Operations

Ivan Kozhedub's Victory List

Soviet "Night Witches" over the Caucasus

Top Scoring Fighter Aces over the Eastern Front

Naval Yak-1s in the Air Over the Crimea

The First Luftwaffe Raids Against Moscow

249 IAP versus II./JG 3

Personal Message to Fighter Pilot General-Leytenant Arkadiy Kovachevich

Dogfight Over the Don

JG 54 Loss List

Boris Safonov's "British Show"

Walter Nowotny

Petr Pokryshev


* Excerpt from Black Cross/Red Star, Vol. 3

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