The Original Karaya Record Discovered

The original Karaya record has been discovered, through the help of the Grislawski family!

This is the record which gave name to the most famous Luftwaffe fighter squadron in World War II. The name "Karaya" can be seen under the red heart crest which embellished Messerschmitt 109s flown by aces such as Hermann Graf, Alfred Grislawski, and Erich Hartmann--see the latter below.

Read about the "Karaya Brotherhood" in the chapter "The Karaya Staffel" on pages 83 - 90 in the Graf & Grislawski book. See also the golden imprint on the cover of the De Luxe edition of the book.

Obviously, when relating to the Karaya song, Mr. Alfred Grislawski confused this with another melody. However, the authenticity of the Karaya record which now has emerged can be confirmed by other Karaya Staffel veterans. It is planned to have the Karaya song playable next to the Graf & Grislawski rudders at the "Graf & Grislawski department" at Technikmuseum Speyer. Whenever I get the needed means--or technical knowledge--I will give the visitors to the Graf & Grislawski site the possibility to hear the song here. Anyone who can provide me with assistance in this regard is more than welcome to contact me.

Photo of Karaya Record by Christer Bergström

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