Black Cross/Red Star Volume 3

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Sample pages from Volume 3 of Black Cross/Red Star: Air War over the Eastern Front:

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Black Cross/Red Star, Vol. 3 contains 37 well-researched full color profiles by Claes Sundin, showing German and Soviet combat aircraft from the Eastern Front in the period June 1942 to November 1942. Here are two samples.


Volume 3 of Black Cross/Red Star has the subtitle Everything for Stalingrad. It covers the German summer offensive from June 28, 1942; the subsequent fierce air battles over Voronezh, Rostov, and the Caucasus; the Luftwaffe's onslaught on Convoy PQ-17; the hard air war over the Central and Northern combat zones, when the Soviets launched their relief offensives in the summer and fall of 1942; and, mainly, the huge Air Battle over Stalingrad.



See also Christer Bergström's and Vlad Antipov's previous book - much similar to the style of Black Cross/Red Star:

Graf & Grislawski: A Pair of Aces

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This book describes the fates of two Luftwaffe fighter aces on the Eastern Front 1941 - 1943 and 1944 - 1945: Hermann Graf and Alfred Grislawski (JG 52). Just like in Black Cross/Red Star, the book on Graf & Grislawski covers the air war from both sides. Only that in this book, Christer and Vlad go very much deeper into individual cases. This book has been written in cooperation with Mr. Alfred Grislawski, and the assistance of Manfred Wägenbaur/Traditionsgemeinschaft JG 52. And of course the great profile artist Claes Sundin contributes to the Graf & Grislawski book - with 26 unique profiles of aircraft flown by Graf & Grislawski.

Other details: Large U.S. format, 312 pages, high-quality printing on glossy paper, a. 300 photos, 26 color profiles by Claes Sundin.


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