The chapters in Volume 3 of Black Cross/Red Star:

Volume 3 of Black Cross/Red Star has the subtitle Everything for Stalingrad. It covers the German summer offensive from 28 June 1942; the subsequent fierce air battles over Voronezh, Rostov, and the Caucasus; the Luftwaffe's onslaught on Convoy PQ-17; the hard air war over the Central and Northern combat zones, when the Soviets launched their relief offensives in the summer and fall of 1942; and, mainly, the huge Air Battle over Stalingrad. These are the chapters:


FOREWORD by Generalleutnant a.D. GŁnther Rall, Luftwaffe

FOREWORD by Starshina Vasiliy Vasil'yevich Kurayev, VVS


Chapter 1: The Luftwaffe and the VVS After Twelve Months of War

Chapter 2: The Build-Up

Chapter 3: Air Battle Over Voronezh

Chapter 4: The Race to the South

Chapter 5: Air Combat Over the Don

Chapter 6: Caucasus - Against the Wall


Chapter 7: The Long, Hot Polar Summer

Chapter 8: Turning Point in the Leningrad Sector

Chapter 9: "All Hell is Loose in the Air:" The Central Combat Zone in the Summer of 1942

PART III: Air Battle Over Stalingrad--The First Round

Chapter 10: "Everything for Stalingrad!"

Chapter 11: "Throw In All Your Airpower to the Aid of Stalingrad!"

Chapter 12: Aces Over Stalingrad

PART IV: On the Top of the Hill

Chapter 13: VVS Routed

Chapter 14: Woman Fighter Pilots Into Action

Chapter 15: Over the High Mountains

Chapter 16: The Last PQ Convoy Battle

Part V: The Luftwaffe's Last Triumph

Chapter 17: In the Skies Over Leningrad and Rzhev

Chapter 18: Stuka Autumn Over Stalingrad

Part VI: Conclusions

Chapter 19: Triumph and Decline


Appendix I: Luftwaffe Order of Battle in the Southern Combat Zone ahead of Operation Blue

Appendix II: VVS Order of Battle in the Southern Combat Zone, June 28, 1942

Appendix III: Luftflotte 4 Order of Battle, August 20, 1942

Appendix IV: Order of Battle for 8 VA and 102 IAD/PVO in Early September 1942

Appendix V: Luftwaffe Units Monthly Aircraft Losses in Combat on the Eastern Front July through November 1942

Appendix VI: The Structure of the Luftwaffe

Appendix VII: The structure of the Soviet Air Forces in 1942

Appendix VIII: Rank Equivalency

Appendix IX: The Highest Military Awards

Chapter Notes




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