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The Forgotten: A film depicting the journey of a U.S. Tank Platoon in the Korean war.

Gemeinschaft der Jagdflieger Technikmuseum Speyer
Air Operations During the Battle of Kursk Monino Air Force Museum
12 O' Clock High Peter Kacha's Luftwaffe Page

Tony Wood's Combat Claims & Casualties Lists

Russian Military Forum
Soviet Aircraft Losses in 1944 Finnish Air Force in World War II - Discussion Board
Central and East European Aviation History - Dénes Bernád's Home Page on Other Axis Air Forces Fw 190 Page
Planes and Pilots of World War Two Romanian Air Force in World War II
Tsentral'nyi arkhiv Ministerstva oborony RF (TsAMO)
Bundesarchiv Online
Russian Military Archives JG 54 Grünherz
Julius Meimberg, JG 53 Ace Günther Rall - Mein Flugbuch, Reading Samples
Luftwaffe 1933-1945 -Document Collection Russian Aviation Page
Heinz "Esau" Ewald JG 52
KG 27 Photo Album The Russian Aviation Research Page
Russian Aviation Museum 2 GvSAP/VVS SF History Forum
Luftfahrtmuseum Hannover-Laatzen Los Caballeros del Aire - Air War
During the Spanish Civil War
Biplane Fighters of WW2 The Stalag 13 Aviation Links
Fighter Aces Home Page Soviet Women Pilots in the Great Patriotic War The Me 262 web site
361st Fighter Group Slapshot's Hangar
Soviet air raid on Tallinn on 9/10 March 1944 Red Army Site
French Normandie-Niemen Regiment Spitfire versus Bf 109 Site
The Battle of Britain Memorial Page Spitfire & Messerschmitt Bf 109 Site
WW II Air War Over the North Forum WW ll Eastern Front Bookstore
Eric Mombeek's Luftwaffe Fighter Pilots Central and East European Aviation History
Soviet Military Awards Classic Publications
Wilde Sau Combat War Diary Soviet Fighter Tactics
JG 26 Site JG 27 Site
JG 52 Site JG 300 Site
JG 302 Site Eagles Over Norway - JG 5
Online Chapters from Valeriy Romanenko's book Airacobras Enter Combat The Great Planes of WW II
Italian Wings - Regia Aeronautica in WW II Online Book: Military Improvisations During the Russian Campaign
Icebreakers - Finnish WW II Pilots Tell Their Stories Horrido! - The Luftwaffe Research Website
Online Book: The Persian Corridor and Aid to Russia

Mir Aviatsii - Russian Aviation Magazine

28 GIAP Airacobra pilot Valdemar Sheetik Soviet Bomber Ace Abdraim Izmailovich Reschidov

Russian Translation Service

Soviet Bomber Pilot Pavel Skvirskiy

Color profiles of Soviet Aces' Aircraft (in Russian - see Russian Translation Service) Red Falcons - Russian Aces (in Russian - see Russian Translation Service)
51 MTAP/VVS VMF Website (in Russian - see Russian Translation Service)
Soviet WW II Aviation Units (in Russian - see Russian Translation Service)
Interview with Soviet Top Ace Ivan Kozhedub Interview with Luftwaffe Ace Johannes Steinhoff

Artyom Drabkin's interview with Il-2 Pilot Veteran Yuriy Khukhrikov

Interview with 2 GIAP/VVS SF Ace Nikolay Golodnikov
Interview with Ju 87 G pilot Hermann Neumann
Panzermuseum (Including original Luftwaffe documents in archive)
Soviet Air Force OdBs 1941 - 1945 (in Russian - see Russian Translation Service) Online Book: Krivosheyev: Soviet Military Losses in the 20th Century (in Russian - see Russian Translation Service)
Soviet LaGG-3 and La-7 Aces (in Russian - see Russian Translation Service) Fleet Air Arm Attack on Petsamo and Kirkenes, 30 July 1941
Kaczmarek - a German View of the Air War Nick Beale's Excellent Ghost Bombers Site
146 GIAP Loss List Interview with Soviet Bomber Flier Leonid Michajlovich Shumakov
Spanish Escuadrillas Azules on the Eastern Front Air (in Russian - see Russian Translation Service)
Cannon, Machine Guns and Ammunition Chronik des Seekrieges 1939-1945 Journal of the Soviet Army (in Russian - see Russian Translation Service)
The Battle for Stalingrad Snow Leopard
Yugoslavian Partisan Air Force History IL-2 Forgotten Battles Forum
French Aces in WW2 Italian history website (including Italian Air Force unit history)

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